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A finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for fiction.

Washington Post: Best Novels of the Year

Kansas City Star: The Year's Top 100 Books

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“Reiken creates a fascinating, emotionally acute and, at times, mind-bogglingly complex story to which we surrender with delight…Like a master puppeteer himself, Reiken inhabits every one of these characters completely and invests each with an independent life. ”

- Washington Post Book World


"Irresistible…profound…wondrous…hypnotically compelling…Reiken’s project is nothing less than to examine the human struggle with evil, and to urge us to heed a natural order that possesses, by his lights, an innate, benign wisdom…We are closer to one another, Reiken reminds us, than we dream."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Frederick Reiken's new novel...reminds us how seemingly unrelated lives can all come together in the net of a master storyteller."

- Scott Simon, National Public Radio's Weekend Edition

 Listen to the interview with Scott Simon on Weekend Edition (May 8, 2010))

“Reiken offers a thought-provoking, intricate portrait of the far-reaching, intergenerational implications of the Holocaust. Day for Night is strong and steady…a powerful, wildly elaborate narrative.”

- Los Angeles Times

“Brilliant plotting, haunting characters, and an elegiac tone distinguish this dazzling novel…Contemporary fiction at its best – accessible, breathtaking, and heartbreaking.”

- Kirkus (starred review)

“A dazzling tour de force...There are too few actual miracles to emerge from the horror of the Shoah; this humane, enriching work makes us believe in one.”

- Sunday Telegraph (London)

“With his third novel, Day for Night, for which fans have had to wait a decade, the New Jersey native [Frederick Reiken] seems set to become a literary star...Reiken is a soulful writer as well as an artful one, and the confidence with which he proceeds is remarkable. ..There’s no denying the essential force of his vision and precise intelligence of his prose.”

- Financial Times (London)

“Compelling…ambitiously structured…engrossing…The links between these tales are complex and often deliberately elusive. Yet Reiken moves through his cast of narrators with such control that the very sense of ever-multiplying connections lurking just out of our field of vision (and left entirely for us to detect) is one of the pleasures of the novel... bewitching…unites a brilliant architecture with the plain poetry of the everyday. ”

- Sunday Times (London)

“Day For Night by Frederick Reiken is like swimming the depths of a dark ocean – there is beauty and intrigue, darkness and light, and many unexpected encounters. Everything moves in a different way down there; just as the rhythms of Reiken’s writing moves in a different way. You want to keep exploring but you’ll need to come up for air soon. A mysterious undercurrent, apparent coincidence, and haunting – at times chilling – accounts are entwined into this complicated tale that spans time and terrain.”

- Brisbane Courier Mail (Australia)


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